Ailinglaplap Atoll

AILINGLAPLAP: Very large atoll

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 Number of Islets: 25 Population: 1,729 (2011) Land Area: 5.67 square miles Lagoon Area: 40.91 square miles Ailinglaplap yacht permit: $250 (from experience, this is open to discussion) Ailinglaplap Mayor: Juaer Loeak (Phone: 625-8240)

Martin Daly. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

Ailinglaplap is the traditional capital and seat of major iroijlaplap (paramount chiefs). Three of the islands (WojaAirok, and Jeh) are serviced by Air Marshall Islands. The atoll generally is a major producer of copra. Jabat island is just to the north of Ailinglaplap, which is 150 miles west of Majuro.

SURFING: Extreme water sports entrepreneur Australian Martin Daly has built a resort at Beran Island on Ailinglaplap.

World surfing champion Kelly Slater has visited Daly’s island a number of times, as have a swag of other champions, including some of the world’s top kite boarders. Click here for more info and photos of Beran Island Surf Lodge.

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