Aur Atoll

AUR: Door

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Number of islets: 43 Population: 499 (2011) Land area: 2.17 square miles Lagoon area: 92.58 square miles Airstrip at Tobal Mayor: Clanson Kaibib Peter Yacht permit fee: $25

Aur is 80 miles north of Majuro. The atoll’s women are expert handicraft makers, while many of the men carve miniature traditional canoes for sale on Majuro.

In September, 2008, I sailed to Aur with my husband Cary on our yacht Seal and spent five days enjoying the village of Aur Aur.

As we strolled through the village, we spied a mother using a wheelbarrow to take her kids home. Nearby Clancy Peter was tenderizing an octopus before cooking.

In September, 2015, David Mancini generously sent me the above photos from Aur. Komol, David.

Luc Callebaut and Jackie Lee of the Yacht Sloepmouche kindly gave me permission to include his videos on my site. Komol Luc and Jackie!

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