Jaluit Atoll

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Number of Islets: 91 Population: 1,788 Land Area: 4.38 square miles Lagoon Area: 266.31 square miles Yacht permit fee: $50 Mayor: Billa Jacklick

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Jaluit Atoll was the headquarters for the Empire of Germany from 1884. After World War I, like the rest of the Marshall Islands, it was ruled by the Empire of Japan. By the 1930s, several hundred Japanese were living on Jaluit.
During World War II the island’s Japanese garrison consisted of over 2,000 men. The island was bombed on five occasions in November and December 1943 by the US Air Force.
Following the end of World War II, Jaluit came under US control as part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands until country gained independence in 1986.
Jabor Island has the largest population on Jaluit. It has a small hotel, several small mom and pop stores and a gasoline station.
The second largest town is Imiej, which is 45 minutes by boat from Jabor.
Jabor has two elementary schools: St. Josephs, attached to the Catholic Church, and a public school. There are also elementary schools in Jaluit and Iemej. Jaluit High School is a boarding high school that serves students from Jaluit Atoll and the southern atolls of Ebon, Ailinglaplap, Namu, Kili, Namdrik and Jabat.

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