Likiep Atoll

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Number of islets: 65 Population: 401 (2011) Land area: 3.96 square miles Said to have the highest point in RMI at 30 feet. Yacht permit fee: $50 Mayor: Veronica Wase.

Note: The photos in the gallery date back to 2008, when my husband and I spent three weeks at the atoll on our sailing boat Seal. While there we spent many delightful hours being regaled by stories told by Joe deBrum.

Likiep Atoll is one of the most famous locations in the Marshalls, having a rich history dating back to the 19th Century when two enterprising European traders managed to obtain possession of the atoll.

The business partnership of the well-known Capelle and deBrum blossomed in this location.

Today, while the original clear and distinct lines of demarcation between the original owning families has blurred into an indistinct blend of Marshall Islander and European extract, there still remains a certain flavor to Likiep that has for the most part come to represent the parallel yet distinct personality of this energetic community.

Luc Callebaut and Jackie Lee of the Yacht Sloepmouche kindly gave me permission to include his videos on my site. Komol Luc and Jackie!

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