Mejit Island

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Population: 348 (2011) Land Area: 0.72 square miles Mejit yacht permit fee: $25 Mejit Mayor: Neal Keju

Unlike most of the other islands of the Marshall Islands, Mejit is a stony island rather than a coral atoll, although it is surrounded by a fringing coral reef enclosing a narrow lagoon. It is located east of the main line of the Ratak chain, about 68 miles northeast from Wotje. The island is lush in pandanus, breadfruit and taro. To the residents, this island is known as ‘Paradise’. It has a fresh water lake, which is rare in the Marshall Islands, with indigenous ducks. In 2013, the University of the South Pacific’s Majuro campus organized a six-month jaki-ed (clothing mats) weaving apprenticeship on Mejit.

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