Mili Atoll

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Number of islets: 92 Population: 738 (2011) Land area: 6.15 square miles Lagoon area: 294.7 square miles Yacht permit fee: $25 per person (check with Internal Affairs on children, but in the past kids under five were free)  Mayor: Joel Jitiam

Mili Atoll is the second largest in the republic in terms of land area (slightly over six square miles). During World War II, Mili was a major Japanese base.

The atoll has five main islands, but Mili Mili in the southwest is the main residential center.  Other villages include Nallu, Enejet, Lukonor, Tokewa, and Wau. Nallu, Enejet and Lukonwor are only accessible from Mili by land during low tide. The runway has not been taken care of, so for a number of years Air Marshall Islands has taken the atoll off its list of destinations.

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