Taka Atoll

TAKA: Two coral

Number of Islets:Population: n/a Land Area: 0.22 square miles Lagoon Area: 35.96 square miles

Volker Kissling and his partner Michelle of the yacht La Gitana in 2011 became, we believe, the first yachties to ever visit Taka (let us know if you have other info). They reported wonderful marine and bird life, as two of his photos show. They called it a paradise. VK is a photo journalist and if you would like to see more of his photos, email him at: volker@seezigeuner.de

In February, 2014, John and Sally-Anne Potter sailed to Taka Atoll on their yacht Jaraman. Sal kindly shared these photos with us all! Komol, Sal and John.

Luc Callebaut and Jackie Lee of the Yacht Sloepmouche kindly gave me permission to include his videos on my site. Komol Luc and Jackie!

Taka lager coasterINSIGHT: Taka’s claim to fame is a beer of the same name that was made in Majuro by Robert Reimers Enterprises in the 1990s. I don’t drink beer, but my husband, Cary, said it was a delightful drop and he was sad when they stopped production, apparently because the imported beer was cheaper and hurt sales of the local brew. Taka’s label, which was used on coasters and posters, was particularly striking!

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