Ujae Atoll

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Number of Islets: 15 Population: 364 (2011) Land Area: 0.72 square miles Lagoon Area: 71.79 square miles Ujae yacht permit fee: Free Ujae Mayor: Rhotin Enos.

Surviving ParadiseUjae is west of Kwajalein, near Lae. The atoll is famous for its ‘jobwa’ stick dance, a unique style of dancing that’s performed on only the most special of occasions. WorldTeach volunteer Betsy Murphy taught at the school in the 2005-06 academic year and kindly gave me these photographic insights. WorldTeach volunteer Peter Rudiak-Gould also spent a year on Ujae Atoll in 2003-2004 and wrote a book of his adventure called Surviving Paradise. Read a review of this wonderful tale at Amazon.

Below is a BBC interview with Peter.

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