Wotje Atoll

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The above photos are by Lanny and Ginger of the yacht SwiftSure. They visited Wotje Atoll in 2017. 

Number of Islets: 75 Population: 859 (2011) Land Area: 3.16 square miles Lagoon Area: 241.06 square miles Yacht permit fee: $50 Mayor: Ota Kisino

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The above photos are by Stephen and Selena Steddy of the yacht Westward II. They visited Wotje Atoll in 2013. 

Wotje is known as the garden atoll of the Marshalls. The atoll has a high school (Northern Islands High School), which is attended by students from nearby atolls. It also has a small power station, managed by the Marshalls Energy Company. Wotje, like its neighbor Maloelap, was a major Japanese base during World War II. Walking around the main island is like walking through a history book, with shells scattered on the ground and strafing on the cement walls of bunkers and generator buildings. Large guns are scattered around the island. There are also a number of wrecks in the lagoon, some of which are accessible to snorkelers.

Note for cruisers: Lanny and Ginger on SwiftSure met Erma Anchor, who (in March 2017) was the contact on arrival in Wotje. Here’s what they had to say in their email:

We are currently in Wotje, beautiful spot. Went ashore yesterday and tracked down the acting mayor who referred us to the new fee collector. Her name is Erma Hanchor, who is delightful. Her new position is to collect fees from yachts and departure taxes from the airport. Her “office” is in the airport “terminal”, a newish concrete block building under construction at the airport. She lived in Las Vegas for 30 years so speaks prefect American. Was born here and knows everyone and their brother.

Luc Callebaut and Jackie Lee of the Yacht Sloepmouche kindly gave me permission to include his videos on my site. Komol Luc and Jackie!

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