Dar Dancers

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After years of wowing the crowds with their Polynesian performances, the Dar Dancers are embracing their own culture and have a number of stunning Marshallese routines that include Marshallese flags and amimono fans. The group performed at the recent state dinner for the ROC President Tsai Ing-wen. The dancers’ leader, Salome Andrike, said “The Taiwanese Ambassador was very impressed with the girls.”

Along with their support band M-Polen, the Dar Dancers on Saturday did a small performance for German journalist Simon Riesche, who was visiting the Marshall Islands to put together a documentary on climate change. “They were just terrific,” Riesche said, adding they would make a colorful segment in the video.

The Dar Dancers has been in existence for over 20 years. “If anyone is having a function and would like to hire us, we’ll be happy to be there,” Salome said.

Pictured in the main fan photo are, from left, Jasmine Myazoe, Naomi George, Carrie Lynn Alfred, Jasmine Shoniber, Heriko Shoniber, Janet Lekka, and Kathleen Candle-Jikit.

To contact the dance group, call (692) 625-3174.

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