Fresh Water Sources

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Majuro's water reservoir next to the airport. Photo: Unknown

Majuro’s water reservoir next to the airport. Photo: Unknown

Do not drink the city water unless it has been boiled first. All the stores sell bottled water, some of which is made locally and some is imported. The original fresh water maker was Pacific Pure Water, which is owned by RRE and can be found in Uliga next to Rongelap Atoll city hall. It sells fresh water in small bottles and gallon-sized jugs, which can be delivered to your door.

EZ Price Mart in Uliga and Do It Best in Delap both have coin-operated fresh water dispensaries that are open 24-7.

Yachts that don’t have their own water-makers, should set up a rain-catching system.

The European Union has donated a large number of catchment tanks and there is also one manufacturer of tanks on island. Sadly, however, not all houses have catchments, which is a problem.

mwsc logoThe town’s reservoir is next to the airport, and uses the run-off from the runway to fill the tanks. Its capacity is 34 million gallons. It is managed by Majuro Water and Sewer Company (Phone: (692) 625-8838). City water is not pumped to residences every day … depending on availability it is usually pumped three to four times a week.


We do not have a water-maker on our yacht Seal and instead catch all our water on the decks. It’s transported to the tanks below via a fitting at the lowest part of the deck and a hose inserted into this below decks. We have only twice run out of water in the 16 years we’ve been in and out of Majuro and on both occasions were given water by friends … but within hours it began raining for days!
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