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THe NTA operator in Ailuk Atoll, Richard Alfred. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

THe NTA operator in Ailuk Atoll, Richard Alfred. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

In 2010, Majuro became connected by fiber optic cable to Guam. The corresponding internet service is run by the government entity called the National Telecommunications Authority. NTA, as it’s known, is in Delap near the Capital Building. Its General Manager is Tommy Kijiner.

Wi-fi: You can connect using wi-fi either through a personal wi-fi ‘bubble’ or at one of the increasing numbers of hot spots around the island using either a time card or a monthly-deal. Time cards are 10 cents a minute. A much cheaper way to be online is to use your smart phone, which costs $15 a month, or your laptop, which costs $35 a month. Both deals are sold at NTA. The organization does not ‘approv’e of selling a connection to a wi-fi antenna, although they been known to do this on occasion. Being persuasive is the best we can suggest at this point (September, 2014).

Internet cafes: There are Internet Cafes, but they are falling out of favor. Ask at NTA for current services.

Internet by land line: The prices change, but as of September ,2014, the cheapest land line deal was $49.95 a month for a slow connection.

Internet on the outer islands: Quite a number of outer islands have the DAMA* communication system. This is comprised of a phone, a fax, and a simple computer attached to the Internet via a small satellite dish. Because of their remoteness, however, many of the systems have broken down (again, best to check at NTA where the service is working).

* DAMA stands for Digital Assigned Multiple Access.

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