Mail and Freight

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Majuro's main post office in Uliga opposite RRE Hotel.

Majuro’s main post office in Uliga opposite RRE Hotel.

Mail: The US Postal Service services RMI as a domestic destination. There are five post offices: The main office is in Uliga opposite RRE Hotel, the second is in the K&K Island Pride Supermarket complex, the third is at the airport, the fourth is in Ebeye, and the fifth (which was opened in May, 2017) is in Jabor, Jaluit. The Post Office accepts mail and parcels addressed to the person’s name followed by the phrase General Delivery (cruisers should include their yacht’s name). 

Incoming mail: The post office is very reliable, but on occasion mail can take longer than the normal 10 days or so and in the worst case scenario the mail very occasionally ends up on a ship and takes a couple of months to get here.

Outgoing mail: Pretty good service, particularly to the US.

Post office boxes: There is usually a waiting list for a box, but it’s not impossible to get one.

Food in the mail: If someone is sending you food items, be sure to ask the sender to wrap the items in a thorough manner, as the post office is not immune to scavenger rats. That said, in 2016, they introduced some cute cats to try and curb that issue.

Couriers: DHL and UPS are both looked after by Pacific International Inc in Delap (625-3122), while Federal Express is looked after by RRE’s Central Pacific Maritime Agency (625-2021) in Uliga. Generally they both only look after incoming parcels. Sending large items out of the country will require some research depending on the type of item and its size.

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  1. Alma Capelle November 18, 2016 at 8:55 am

    how do I register online for Post Office