RMI Ship Registry

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The Marshall Islands has the world’s second largest ship registry, which is administered by the American company International Registries, Inc. (IRI). From its headquarters in Reston, Virginia, IRI operates the flag of convenience ship registry, which in March, 2017 saw the total tonnage of vessels live and under construction reach 231.8 million dead weight tons.

The company has 27 branches around the world, with its newest being opened in Manila, the Philippines in the latter part of 2015.

Locally, IRI works through the RMI Trust Company, which is located in Ajeltake, Long Island. Each year the RMI receives a check for a few million dollars, an amount that has steadily grown in recent years.

Commercial vessels registered with the company use the home port of Majuro while private yachts may choose between the home port of Bikini or Jaluit. Go to for more information.

August, 2017: For the latest news on the ship registry, go to the MarineLink site.


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