Safety Around Town

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Majuro Atoll has two police forces: The National Police and the Majuro Atoll Local Government Police (a.k.a. MALGov Police or Local Police). As a general rule, if you need police action, call the National Police on 625-8666 or 625-6911.

The National Police HQ is in Uliga opposite the College of the Marshall Islands, while MALGov Police is behind the gas station Ace’s One Stop. MALGov Police also has sub-stations in Rita, Rairok, and Laura. (INSIGHT: The MALGov Police Sheriff is American Will Lathrop, who lives on a yacht in the southern mooring field.)

Security Guards
Most major businesses have security guards and are generally easily identifiable by their T-shirts or baseball caps. The companies include (but are not limited to): Robert Reimers Enterprises (the guard shack is between the dock and the car port); EZ Price Mart; Marshall islands Resort; Pacific international Inc; College of the Marshall Islands; and the US Embassy. The guards can help you contact the police if necessary.

Hot Spots

As a visitor to the Marshall Islands you will be treated in almost all cases in a welcoming and warm manner. In general, the people are happy to have you in their islands, but (as is always the case) common sense should prevail, especially at night. Avoid walking alone or in a small group near the island’s nightclubs, especially after 9pm. Instead, use taxis that will drop you right outside the door of any location you choose.

If attending one of the nightclubs, avoid conversations with people who are obviously drunk. Happy one minute, things can quickly become ugly the next. Men in particular should be careful about striking up conversations with women who are drinking and who on occasion will decide you are ‘theirs’ and can start fights with other girls they perceive to be encroaching on their ‘territory’.

Fire Department

Majuro Fire Station next to the National Police Station. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

Majuro Fire Station next to the National Police Station. Photo: Karen Earnshaw

The Majuro Fire Station is next to the National Police Station and opposite the College of the Marshall Islands. You can contact them on (692) 625-6911 or 625-8666. The airport also has fire engines that are available for use anywhere on island.

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