Virtual Museum of Clothing Mats

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screenshot clothing matsThe revival program of jaki-ed (clothing mats) includes a virtual museum of the world’s collections of jaki-ed, many of which were collected from the turn of the century through to the 1920s.

The museum was spear-headed by the University of the South Pacific’s Majuro campus Director Dr. Irene Taafaki.

The museum was designed and created by Karen Earnshaw (this site’s author) and Jaston Anjain. Its main purpose is to make the collections available to all, and especially Marshallese people who have no other way of reaching into this significant part of their past.

As well as the global collections, you can see photographs of the many apprenticeships, visit the cinema or even visit the museum’s restroom (plus much more)! Check out the site by clicking below:

Jaki Ed Program – Home

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