Won Hai Shien

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Won Hai Shien is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Majuro. Over the past 15 years or so, the eatery has suffered from a huge fire and being asked to leave their Uliga Dock venue but, fortunately, in 2017 the owners reopened in a new location in Uliga. The menu has an extensive range of options, but note that its best feature is the chef’s wonderful way with vegetables: Everything is fresh and nothing is over-cooked.

To get to the back road eatery, go to the Mobil tanks and take the perpendicular road, walk the 100 yards or so and walk into the fenced, cement car park. There’s a welcome mat … and you are welcome! The phone number is 625-6641.

In 2017, members of the Mieco beach Yacht Club enjoyed two cooking classes at the restaurant. The group of six paid a bargain price for the lessons and then each invited a guest to join them to eat the food (and paid for the dishes in the normal way). Below is a pdf of some of the recipes they learned to make. the recipes were compiled by Rebecca Lathrop, while I designed the booklet.



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