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Site authors Karen and Cary at the Marshall Islands Resort.

Site authors Karen and Cary at the Marshall Islands Resort.

About the authors Karen Earnshaw and Cary Evarts

We first sailed into Majuro on our yacht Seal on December 17, 1998.
Karen is a British-born, Australian-trained journalist who works as a freelancer for a number of local companies, including the Marshall Islands Journal. She gained Marshallese citizenship in 2009.
Cary specializes in importing parts for vessels of all sizes.
The creation of this web site began as a CD guide called On the Move in the Marshalls. That was started in early 2005 as an idea to make a bit of cash, but quickly became a labor of love. In August, 2014, we decided to turn it into a web site. Voila!

About the contents

It would not have been possible to create the original On the Move in the Marshalls without a lot of input from a range of people and organizations, to whom we say thank you. Many people kindly gave permission for a number of their photographs to be used. Our thanks goes to those and others for their efforts. All the photos are copyright and anyone wishing to republish should first contact Karen at karenyachtseal@gmail.com.

Ideas and suggestions

If you have any suggestions, additions, or criticisms about this site, please email them to me at karenyachtseal@gmail.com or paste them in a comment box.

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