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A construction team builds an elementary school on Aur Atoll.

Captions starting with the image shown at left ... Photos by Karen Earnshaw
1. A construction team in Tobal, Aur Atoll. 2. A young boy in Enejelar, Ailuk Atoll. 3. Weavers of jaki-ed (clothing mats) work in the shade of a pandanus tree in Jenrok village, Majuro. 4. World champion surfer Kelly Slater after spending time in Ailinglaplap Atoll. 5. Tolfina Fakatou, star of the feature film Jilel. 6. Tolfina holds ‘the shell’. 7. Two young girls in Ailuk. 8. Girls playing in Ailuk village. 9. Salome Fakatou, star of The Sound of Crickets at Night, with her sister Tolfina. 10. Young girls in Rita, Majuro. 11. Weavers Moji Kelen, Mona Tatak, and Betty Lobwij. 12. Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) instructor Binton Daniel. 13. A spirited cricket game in Delap. 14. Lala Kibin poses for graduation photos. 15. Bikini Liaison Jack Niedenthal films Jose Salavador Alvarenga, who drifted for 13 months across the Pacific and finally landed on Ebon Atoll. 16. Two graduates at Enejelar, Ailuk. 17. Film makers Suzanne Chutaro and Jack Niedenthal. 18. Students of the RMI-USP Joint Education Program.

On the Water


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A copra canoe on Ailuk Atoll.

Captions starting with the image shown at left... Photos by Karen Earnshaw
 1. A canoe laden with copra at Ailuk Atoll. 2. The last moments in the life of a boat in Majuro lagoon. 3. A canoe sits on a sand spit in Ailuk lagoon. 4. Coming home at Ailuk. 5. Fishing boats in Majuro lagoon. 6. Variety of vessels seen in Majuro. 7. Brittany vanAuken and Zoie Myers ride on a Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshalls) canoe. 8. Rising tides in Majuro. 9. The shell from the movie Jilel. 10. A beach at Arno Atoll. 11. A little boy in Ailuk. 12. Zipping across Majuro lagoon. 13. Living a young boys’ dream in Ailuk. 14. A hobo on a small canoe in Majuro. 15. Sunset in Mili Atoll. 16. The dock at Enemanet Island, Majuro. 17. A family gathers coconuts for copra on Ailuk. 18. Blue bow in Likiep Atoll. 

Plenty of Pictures


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Captions starting from the image shown at left ... Photos by Karen Earnshaw
1. A children’s size canoe at Ailuk Atoll. 2. A weaver’s equipment and materials. 3. A gutted house in Rita village, Majuro. 4. A Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshalls) program trainee. 5. Children in Jenrok, Majuro. 6. ‘JAMBO’, which means cruising around. The letters feature in the Mini English-Marshallese Dictionary. 7. A graduation feast in Enejelar village, Ailuk. 8. Salting and drying fish in Ailuk Atoll. 9. Expert weaver Ashken Binat wears a jaki-ed (clothing mat). 10. A copra hut on Arno Atoll. 11. The beach at the Arno Beachcomber Lodge. 



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